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March 11, 2014:
Cefaly Headband is "FDA Approved as a prescription device for nerve stimulation.



The idea of neurostimulation for migraines has a lot of different approaches, including direct implantable stimulation that goes into the brain to try and reduce migraines and cluster headaches.

How does the Cefaly Headband reduce migraine headaches?

New treatment promises to reduce amount of time every month suffering from migraine headaches and cluster headaches.

Migraine HeadbandThe Cefaly Migraine Headband offers relief from migraines through the use of neurostimulation. The headband, which has a widened area on the forehead that includes electronic neurostimulators, fits on like a pair of glasses. Anyone who suffers from frequent migraine headaches, or who knows someone who does, is familiar with the debilitating effects of this pain. A migraine problem can destroy a person's life, rendering them unemployable and causing days of pain, perceived flashes of light, and even neurological symptoms that can be mistaken for strokes. Sufferers may find it impossible to deal with flourescent lighting, noises, or even basic activities. Some of the drugs that treat migraines have side effects or are ineffective for all sufferers, who may essentially be out of touch for part of every month, and may become socially isolated as a result. Triggers for migraine headaches can include stress, foods, light, and chemical imbalances in the body, but in many cases it is impossible to find a specific cause of these headaches and the patient must find their own solutions to the pain and effects. If the Cefaly headband works for sufferers, and even just reduces the number of days that a person is impacted by migraines, then it may be worth the cost.

The 2014 FDA approval for the CEFALY headband means that sufferers in the United States have another solution designed to prevent these debilitating headaches, and a drug-free one at that. The device can be used once daily for 20 minutes, and according to the Food and Drug Administration this is the first such device approved to prevent severe headaches.

What is a migraine headache? Basically, it is classified as a neurological disorder where people have severe pain on one side of the head, light sensitivity, vomiting, and sound sentitivity. Symptoms can last from a couple of hours to three days. Sufferers report that an aura is seen, heard, or felt before the onset of the headache, and many migraine drugs recommend that you begin taking them "at the first sign" in order to get fast relief. There are genetic aspects to migraine headaches, and are far more common in women than men. Pregnant women have fewer migraines. Around the world, one tenth of the population may be affected by migraine headaches at some point in their lives. Symptoms can actually start days before the event, and include euphoria or irritability. A hangover phase after the migraine can either be described as refreshing or depressing. Anxiety and bipolar disorder are associated with migraines, and depression can also be a factor in their onset.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Like all treatments, the headband has its detractors and skeptics. As a patient, you may have to try several treatments and drugs to find the solution that works for you. You may even have to change your lifestyle to avoid stress and flourescent lights, or certain foods (like chocolate) that may trigger headaches.