Cefaly Migraine Relief


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March 11, 2014:
CEFALY approved in US by FDA.


Electrotherapeutical Relief:

The Cefaly device fits on the head like a tiara or a pair of glasses and uses neurostimulation to work on the trigeminal nerve where migraine headaches are believed to start.

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How does the Cefaly device work? Can you buy it in the United States?

CefalyThe Cefaly device advertises itself as a CE and ISO certified migraine headache relief device. It is advertised as the first cranial analgesic etrotherapeutic device to be proven effective on migraine pain. The devices are popular in the European Union and Canada and may soon be making an appearance in the United States, though the FDA has yet to approve it for migraine pain relief. According to their website, the device stimulates endorphin producing, touch sensitive nerve fibers of the trigeminal nerve and simultaneously block the pain stimulus.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Now that the device is FDA approved it may experience a knockoff effect, or even as a novelty, without health claims on the device itself. This website makes not claims as to the effectiveness of the device or any knockoff neurostimulators.